The dreaded ‘back to work’

And just like that, maternity leave is over. 9 whole months and now I’m begrudgingly back at work. I can’t believe how fast it has gone but I always knew the day was going to come. My last day of work, I remember waddling out of there 37 weeks pregnant thinking, “9 months, wow, cyaaaaaa”... Continue Reading →

The diagnosis of CMPA🥛 🐮

For those of you who don't know what CMPA is, it's a Cows milk protein allergy, commonly known as a dairy allergy. As a new mum your emotions are literally a minefield, you're happy one minute plodding along, then the next you're crying whilst holding your tiny baby in your arms and you don't know... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the world, little one 👶🏻🖤

When it comes to pregnancy, labour and birth, everyone’s story and experience is so different, mostly people scaring the complete s**t out of you making you think you're going to have an awful time. And because my pregnancy was horrendous, I expected the worst. It was the evening of the 18th December, I was 39+4 weeks, I went... Continue Reading →

The light at the end of the tunnel ✨

After the incredible response and support from my latest brief post on instagram, and the amount of people who reached out to me, I felt inspired to create a blog to share my story and hope that somewhere along the way someone could find reassurance in my words, know that they are not alone, and... Continue Reading →

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